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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Etisalat Internet is known to be swift, however, people rarely make use of the Etisalat network for browsing, rather opting for other cheaper available options.
Great news to internet addicts, you can now enjoy swift browsing, internet surfing, streaming and downloading on the Etisalat network for a very cheap and affordable price.
There are two different ways to enjoy this offer,there is the Etisalat 0.00 tweak and Etisalat socialme and Chatpack tweak.
The 0.00 tweak is absolutely free and you need have just 0.00 naira on your Etisalat SIM.
However, the social pack and chat pack comes at a cost of N500 and N150 respectively.
These tweaks ( Social and Chat pack ) works for 30days after activation and is unlimited.
It is however adviced to go for the N500 monthly etisalat social me pack as it is a lot more stable with Psiphon Pro Lite handler and it also has a more stable network.
Lets get into the real business on how to get rocking with these tweaks.
- Migrate to Etisalat Easycliq tariff
- Migrate by dialing ussd code *244*1#
- Confirm Migration by dialing ussd code *244*3#
- Subscribe to either Etisalat Chatpak or Socialme plan

These are the Etisalat socialme subscription codes

> Daily sub dial *200*3*4*2*1*1# (N100)
> Weekly sub dial *200*3*4*2*2*1# (N300)
> Monthly sub dial *343*6*11# or *343*5*7# (N500)

This is the Etisalat Chat pak code

> Weekly sub dial *343*6*10# or *343*5*6# (N150)

You can also subscribe to these plans through sms

For the Etisalat social me plan
Text CHAT6 to 343

For Chat Pak weekly subscription
Text CHAT3 to 343

Now on how to get this subscriptions to work on your smartphones, we make use of the. Psiphone app.

- Download Psiphon Crack Version HERE
- Launch Psiphon after installation
- Set as follows

> Tick "remove port"
> Proxy type : real host or dual
> Proxy server : or
> Real Proxy server : blank
> Real Proxy type : inject
> Port : 80

- Save this settings by tapping on save
- Click on "option"
- Select region

> Region : United States
- On more options
> Connect using http
> IP :
> Port : 3128

Reboot your phone after subscription and connect making use if your phone's Etisalat default APN settings or create a new APN making use of the proxy

NB : If you would rather use Etisalat 0.00 tweak, all you need to do is replace the psiphone proxy server to (

Cheers and enjoy.
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Friday, April 8, 2016

Telecommunications giants, Etisalat has launched another new awesome data/voice bundle tariff plan for dedicated Etisalat network subscribers in Nigeria.
The new "Etisalat EasyFlex Evolution" quite different from the already know tariff plan Easyflex.
Etisalat EasyFlex Evolution comes with much more awesome features for subscribers.
The plan comes in two variants for subscribers (Internet Lovers and Voice communication lovers).
For internet loving subscribers, the new Etisalat EasyFlex Evolution is just tailor made for you.
If you love making/receiving audio calls, the Etisalat EasyFlex Evolution is also tailor made for you.
Awesome, right?
Now, let us get into the technicalities and features of the Etisalat EasyFlex Evolution tariff plan.
Etisalat Easyflex Evolution is a special Voice and Data bundle package, offering more value to customers on the Etisalat network.
The EasyFlex Evolution package as earlier mentioned comes in two variants ;
- Voice+ which is tailor made for subscribers with preference to talk
- Data + which is tailor made for heavy Internet data users.

If you are a heavy Internet data user, the Data+ plan is meant for you, get on Data+ and get 1GB data plus an additional N1500 airtime to make voice calls to all networks for just N2000.
Otherwise, If you take preference to talking, then Easyflex Voice + variant is meant for you.
Voice + credits you with N5500 worth of bonus airtime plus an additional 250MB Internet data for the same N2000.

Data+ / Voice+ Prices & Activation Codes

The new Etisalat EasyFlex Evolution tariff plan is a massive upgrade to the initial Etisalat EasyFlex Bundles.
All bundles have a validity period of 30 days and has bundles with prices ranging from N2000-N10000.
Here are the list with full details on the Voice Units and Data allocated for each selected/preferred plan.

> FLEX 2,000
Data+ Voice+
Talk Time: N1500 Talk Time: N5500
1GB Data 250MB Data

> FLEX 5,000
Data+ Voice+
Talk Time: N5000 Talk Time: N15000
2GB Data 500MB Data

> FLEX 10000
Data+ Voice+
Talk Time: N10000 Talk Time: N30000 Plus Unlimited SMS.
5GB Data 1GB Data

To activate the Etisalat Easyflex Evolution plan on your sim

- Simply dial ussd *320#
- Choose preferred plan

> Voice + plan
> Data + plan

Cheers and enjoy!
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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Etisalat are offering some mouth-watering awoof data bundles when you purchase either of  the Etisalat Mifi or Etisalat USB modem.

On purchase of the Etisalat Mifi, you will be credited with 10GB or 5GB and 200MB when you purchase any of the Etisalat USB modems.

The credited bonus data has a validity period of 30 days.


  • Auto-renewal and Data Roll over does not apply to this free data.
  • The offer is opened to both new and existing Etisalat subscribers - but only allowed for those that purchased the new Mifi and/or Etisalat USB modem devices
  • The free data has a 30 day validity period after activation 


Previously, tweakers get to benefit from such offers by telecom companies by simply tweaking their IMEI numbers to fool the system.

To curb that, Etisalat has decided to only allow activation be done by their Agents any Etisalat experience center after the purchase of either of the Etisalat Mifi or the Etisalat Modem. 

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Saturday, October 8, 2016

We knew this was happening soon, Etisalat 4G LTE services is officially live and announced via Etisalat's twitter handle!!!

Glo beat them to the "element of surprise" ish, but better late than never, right?

Image result

Currently, I can confirm that Etisalat 4G LTE services are LIVE in Las Gidi (Lagos), other cities should be
live soon too.

The coolest part of Etisalat 4G services is that unlike MTN 4G services activation process as well as Glo 4G LTE activation process, to activate Etisalate 4G services on your device is a creamy-chocolatey piece of cakes.

This is because Etisalat SIMs are automatically USIM (Universal Subscriber Identity Module) - in essense, Etisalat users NEED NOT upgrade/swap their SIMs before they can enjoy Etisalat 4G services!!!

To activate Etisalat 4G network, simply:

  • Buy a 4G enabled smartphone (if you do not already have one)
  • Put in your Etisalat SIM
  • Turn on your smartphone's 4G network
  • Scan for Etisalat 4G services
Quite awesome in its simplicity!!!

Etisalat 4GNeedNoSimSwap


If you do not have a 4G enabled device, need I tell you now is the time to upgrade devices? (Duh?!)

Go get a 4G enabled smartphone!!


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Sunday, July 9, 2017

Etisalat has launched a new awesome app and it is really, really coming at a period where it is highly appreciated by internet users on the Etisalat network.

The  BlazeOn app is launched with the singular super function of giving internet users an AMAZING timel-based unlimited data plan.


Etisalat had a similar plan where they offered 24 hours UNLIMITED browsing at just N120 but times have changed (the plan was scrapped). This new offer is quite welcome to heavy internet users, like me!

Etisalat announced the new app on their  Facebook page:

"Buy data in minutes and access the internet just when needed with #EasyBlazeOn Simply text “blazeon” to 229 to download and get started."
The app is currently only available to Android users, but I am sure iOs users will be getting a version soon.

How to Download the Etisalat BlazeOn App
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Sunday, June 18, 2017

Etisalat have retained their place in the spotlight. In a move similar to Airtel's WinBack promo which offered Airtel subscribers 20X bonus on all recharges, Etisalat has launched a new campaign to get back lost subscribers.


The new Etisalat offer is targeted at old subscribers who have abandoned the network and switched allegiance. If you have abandoned your Etisalat SIM for 30 days up to 180 days, this offer is for you!

The MissET offers a whooping N4,000 bonus on a recharge of just N200!!! That is a stunning 20X bonus on your recharge!!!

Breaking Down Etisalat MissET MissOut Promo
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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Tweakware rolled out the v5.5 upgrade and it comes packing goodies. I just posted on the BLAZING GLO 0.0 FREE browsing tweak using Tweakware.

However, Etisalat subscribers are not left out of the llovely goodies the Tweakware v5.5 brings. You can now enjoy FREE browsing on the Etisalat network via Tweakware and Etisalat chatpak bundles.

Let me show you how!
Image result for etisalat free browsing


  • Your Etisalat SIM with an active Chatpack subscription
  • An Android smartphone 
  • Tweakware v5.5 (download HERE)

We will be making use of Etisalat default APN, so no changes in that respect

Before we proceed with the Tweakware settings, you need to have an active Etisalat chatpak subscription. 
To subscribe for Etisalat weekly chatpak:
  • Recharge N200 airtime on your Etisalat SIM (You will be needing N150 for the subscription)
  • Dial ussd code *200*3*3*1*2*1#
  • Now, you have a week active chatpak bundle
  • The bundle will be auto renewed after expiry, dial ussd code *343*5*0# if you wish to opt out of the Etisalat chatpak bundle plan

Now that you have an active Etisalat chatpak bundle, lets get doen to the Tweakware settings:

  • Install and launch Tweakware app
  • Choose any FREE server from the server list
  • Go to "Settings"
  • Tap the "Tweaks" list
  • Choose "Eti ChatPack 2017" i.e tick the box
  • Hit the "connect" button

Tweakware will connect within 15 seconds, after connection you can start browsing FREE.

NB: Since you are connecting using FREE servers, your data usage would be limited daily so I will advice you to subscribe for Tweakware premium servers to surf unlimitedly (it costs N500 monthly).

Hope you have found this helpful, hit the share button to share this with friends!

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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Christmas is HERE and in celebrating this period's festivities, Etisalat Ng has rolled out a cool yuletide offer i.e "Etisalat Green Xmas Offer".

This offer gives loyal Etisalat subscribers an opportunity to enjoy a wide range of awesomely cool offerings as well as gift items.

Etisalat's Green Xmas Offer is open to both existing and prospective customers on the Etisalat network, and can be accessed upon the purchase of a smartphone from any of the Etisalat’s Experience Centers across the nation.

Upon purchase of a new smartphone at an Etisalat Experience center, you will be instantly rewarded with 1GB internet data, free access to social and chat apps monthly for 11 months and tons of free gift items which includes mini massagers, power banks and mobile cooling fans etc.

Furthermore, if you recharge N5000 airtime, you get N5000 talk time, 3GB data and free incoming calls while roaming in 14 countries (cool, right?).

The "Etisalat Green Xmas Offer is not limited to subscribers in the country (NGR) alone, if you are out of the country for xmas, you get to make local calls back home to Nigeria at a discounted rate of N100/min.

The overseas offer is open to Etisalat users in the UK, USA, UAE, Ghana, Kenya and South Africa.

So Nerddicts, do enjoy Etisalat's Green Xmas Offer and I personally wish y'all a wonderfully splufik Xmas in advance!!!
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Monday, August 8, 2016

At long last, Etisalat has decided to throw their hat into the ring and launch a long overdue "Night Plan" for subscribers.
Good news (kinda), As an Etisalat subscriber you get to enjoy 1GB for just N200!
This like a mentioned is the new Etisalat night plan and it works from 12AM - 5AM and valid for just a single night.

This official Etisalat plan works
on all devices as long
as it is Internet enabled and it has no speed throttling challenges whatsoever.
However, while Etisalat subscribers might find this development cool, I still think Etisalat should improve on this as it pales in comparison to what other telecom companies are offering on their "night plans".

Airtel offers a cool 500MB for N25 and 1.5GB for N50 which can be re-subscribed for on the same night if you exhaust the first night subscription you made and feel like downloading more stuff.

Globacom telecom also just recently rolled out their night plan that gives a cool 3GB for N500 to which works for 5 nights and the weekend (Saturday and Sunday).

While MTN offers 500MB For N25 which can be tweaked into a stunning 10GB For Just N500

If you however still feel you are sticking with the Etisalat network, you can enjoy "ETISALAT NIGHT PLAN" offer of 1GB for N200 by;

> Recharge your Etisalat SIM with N200 airtime
> Dial simple ussd code *229*3*11#
> You will get a welcome text from Etisalat and can now enjoy the night plan!


What are your thoughts on this plan? Comment using the comments box

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Friday, July 29, 2016

Etisalat are offering a free 1GB Internet Data to new smartphone owners.
Etisalat in conjunction with smartphones retailers are bring this cool data gift package to Nigerians.

To Enjoy this data gift 🎁 from Etisalat,

> Purchase a new smartphone from Etisalat experience centers or from the open market (be sure to buy eligible smartphones i.e Smartphones having the Etisalat gift sticker or them)
I find it easier to just purchase at the Etisalat experience center ✌

> Insert a registered and activated Etisalat SIM card into your new smartphone 📱

> Find the PIN on the phone box (Etisalat gift sticker) and text the PIN to 8186.

> Or alternatively dial * 8186*PIN#

> Like I earlier mentioned, I find it a lot less easier if you purchase your new smartphone at the Etisalat experience center.
The retail staff would activate the offer for you on your new device.

NB: Your gift 1GB Internet Data has a 30 day validity period.

The offer does not end there, after activation of the free 1GB Internet Data, you are eligible for a free Socialme pak plan for a whooping 11 months when you purchase up to N1000 worth of data the previous month.

Let me break that down, if you purchase a N1000 internet data plan in August, you get the a free Socialme pak plan for the whole of September and this goes on for 11 months!

Cool? 😎 🆒
I know! 😉 😉

So, go ahead to the nearest Etisalat experience center and get yourself a new smartphone 📱 😁

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Friday, June 9, 2017

In what might be the biggest development in the telecommunication sphere in the country (Nigeria), rumor has it that there is about to be a union between two telecommunication giants.

Globacom is said to be planning a takeover bid of Etisalat Ng!


This is coming on the back of Etisalat having financial issues with some Nigerian bank i.e Zenith, Access and GTBank, resulting in an attempted takeover. NCC however swooped in like a knight in shining armour to save the day (for the time being).

Etisalat Ng subsequently offered a 5% equity stake to the banks in lieu of the financial loan, but it was rejected. Now, rumors is having it that rivals, Globacom are set to take advantage of Etisalat woes and swoop in for a hostile takeover.

Why Globacom Telecommunications Are Interested In Taking Over Etisalat Ng
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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Telecommunications giants, Etisalat has signed another Nigerian entertainment as a brand ambassador.
Eniola Badmus had just been added to the list of endorsed Nigerian entertainers.
Eniola Badmus is a prolific actress who has featured in both English and Yoruba movies in the Nigerian movie industry Nollywood.
Mobile telecommunication company, Etisalat, announced its appointment of the Nollywood actress, Eniola Badmus as a new brand ambassador.
Etisalat shared the awesome news of their recent brand ambassador addition on their official Instagram page.

“9ja!! Join us to welcome the newest member of the Etisalat Family @eniola_badmus You still dey there?? Shoe still dey wear you??? Get that etisalat SIM today and begin to enjoy awoof berekete After all #WeAllWantMore #YouDeserveMore”, Etisalat wrote.

Actress Eniola Badmus joined other Nigeria entertainment top personalities, entertainers like Rappers Ice Prince and Olamide as brand representatives of Etisalat.
Eniola also made the announcement on her official Twitter account, quoting her tweet :

”Thank God for this one! Thank you to all my fans. God bless you all #Etisalat #Badoskyyy”

Eniola Badmus, the plus sized actress, who features a lot more in Yoruba movie acquired prominence due to her rascally and hilarious displays in movies she has starred in.
Eniola Badmus featured in movies such as Jenifa, Return of Jenifa (2008), Blackberry Babes, Return of Blackberry Babes, Omo Aridunnu, Omo Ghetto, Mr. and Mrs Ibu (2008).
Nerddict says Congratulations Eniola Badmus!!!
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Friday, April 8, 2016

It is known that the use of BB dedicated subscriptions can be made use of on Android devices, as long as you know your way around the technicalities.
Glo blackberry subscriptions as well as MTN and recently Airtel blackberry dedicated subscriptions can now be made to work on Android devices.
Etisalat is now in the mix!!
Etisalat blackberry dedicated subscriptions can now be enjoyed on Android smartphones.
Etisalat subscribers can now enjoy 3GB worth of Internet data at the cost of just N1000 and valid for 30days.
Another awesome advantage of making use of the Etisalat network is that you are credited with N1000 bonus airtime when you recharge N1000, this bonus can be used to call any rival network in Nigeria.
This is quite similar to the Globacom Glo Bumpa prepaid plan.
Essentially, it means you are subscribing for FREE!!!

Subscribing to the Etisalat BlackBerry monthly complete plan is quite easy.
As earlier mentioned, it cost just N1000 for 3gb worth of Internet data and valid for 30 days.

- Dial ussd code *499*3#
- N1000 will be deducted from your account
- You will be accredited with 3gb worth of data
- Valid for 30days
- You also get back N1000 bonus airtime to make calls to all network in Nigeria.

You can however also subscribe to Etisalat blackberry weekly plan at a cost N500

- Simply dial ussd code *499*3*1#
- N500 will be deducted from your account

However, I recommend the monthly plan as it is much more financially efficient.

Now that you have subscribed to the BlackBerry complete plan, you have to make some settings to enable the subscription work on your smartphone.
No worries!
To enable the subscription work on your smartphone, follow the steps below ;

- Go to settings
- Go to Mobile Network
- Go to APN
- Create a new APN with these settings

> Name: Etisalat BIS
> APN:
> Proxy:
> Port: 8080

- Save the created APN
- Set the created APN as default.

You are now enabled to make use if your 3gb Etisalat subscription for browsing, downloading, streaming and any other Internet activity you see fit.
Hope this has been helpful
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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Etisalat has in the spirit of the season (Ramadan) rolled out a super cool offer that is targeted at our Muslim brothers and sisters but also open to ALL loyal Etisalat subscribers.


The Etisalat Ramadan Kareem offer offers a cool 1GB of internet data for just N200!!!

Another awesome part of this offer is the fact that you can immediately resubscribe when you exhaust your bundle and it works on ALL internet enable device! And unlike other telecommunication company's offers (looking at you, Airtel), kit does not zap up data!

Also read: How to get FREE 200MB data on Etisalat

How Do You Subscribe for the Etisalat Ramadan Kareem Data Bundle?
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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Telco Etisalat has once again giving back BIG to dedicated customers of the Etisalat network!

The new one time offer is the #SuperBonusOffer which gives users an amazingly awesome N1400 airtime when you make a recharge of just N200!!

Below is an excerpt from Etisalat's official announcement of the promo offer:

Join the etisalat network today to enjoy the Super Bonus Offer! Buy a new SIM, register it, recharge N200 get rewarded with N1400 instantly plus 1GB @ N500 (one time offer)
According to the press release, the new promo offer is targeted at new customers but also available to existing customers of the Etisalat network.

Simply recharge your Etisalat SIM with an airtime of N200 and you will be instantly credited with your N1400 bonus airtime (for national calls)

If you are having a new SIM, this offer makes you eligible to subscribe for a cool 1GB at just N1000 too!!!

You should note that the #SuperBonus promo is a one-time offer and not contineous i.e you only get to enjoy this once.

This promo is coming just weeks after the launch of the Etisalat Green Xmas Offer while Etisalat 10GB FREE promo offer remains ongoing.
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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Knowing that Etisalat has swiftly without remorse blocked our Unlimited holy grail after getting a heads-up from a twitter user, I feel obliged to find another means of Unlimitedly downloading and streaming for Etisalat users.

This however is not a tweak, it is a legit Etisalat subscription that has been around for a while.
Lot of users subscribed to it back in the day but seems a lot of users have forgotten about it.
This is a timely reminder.
This data bundle from Etisalat allows subscribers to browse and download Unlimitedly for 3 hours at a very cheap price of just N15.
Doing simple arithmetic, with N120 on your account balance, you get to browse and download Unlimitedly for 24hrs.
Dope, right?
Now, let's get on with the technicalities


> Migrate to Etisalat Easy Starter tariff plan
> To migrate, simply dial ussd code *244*2#
> Subsequently, Migrate to Etisalat Easy Life tariff plan
> To migrate, simply dial *620 *1#
> Now subscribe for Etisalat Unlimited 3hour plan @N15
> Subscribe by dialing simple ussd code *229* 3*7#

NB : After the first 3 hour plan lapses, it is autorenewed, so if you are content with only 3hours, be sure to opt out of the plan so your airtime won't be automatically used to resubscribe for another 3hours

To opt out of the plan ;

> Simply dial ussd code *227*0#

You can always resubscribe by dialing *229*3*7#

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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Etisalat NG has always been one of the very best telecommunication service providers (calls and internet) and when t comes to pushing out promos, they are very strategic.

Having offered users FREE N1,000 airtime or 200MB for downloading their official self-help myEtisalat app, they have announced another cool marketing strategic offer.

Etisalat are offering users on the Etisalat network FREE data for 1 year! Yes! 12 months straight if you purchase a new smartphone from any of the Etisalat experience centers or authorized phone retailers nationwide.
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Thursday, March 2, 2017

Etisalat Telecom has launched new offer for subscribers on the Easycliq tariff plan. The new offer i.e. "Easycliq BreakFree" comes in 3 different packages subscribers can select from according to individual preferences.

Below is Etisalat's official statement on their newly launched offer:

"This offer is tagged easycliq #breakfree - it's a new easycliq offer that gives you the freedom to choose your bonus. You can either get 350% bonus for on-net calls, 250% bonus to call all networks or 100% bonus on data plans from 50MB to 500MB".

The three packages are 
Image result for easycliq breakfree

  • 250% Bonus
  • 350% Bonus 
  • 100% Data Bonus. 
Below is a breakdown of how these packages work

  1. 250% Bonus Package:

When you opt in for the 250% bonus package, you get to enjoy;

  • 250% Bonus on every recharge of N100 and above.
  • Bonus is split 50:50 for On-net and Off-net calls (50% of the bonus to call only Etisalat lines, while the other 50% to call all networks)
  • Any recharges less than N100 will get 150% bonus
  • Bonus is has a 7 day validity period

2. 350% Bonus Package:

When you opt in for the 350% bonus package, you get to enjoy:

  • 350% bonus on every recharge of N100 and above.
  • Bonus account can only be used for on-net calls (you can only use the bonus to call only Etisalat lines)
  • Recharges of less than N100 will give 250% bonus for on-net calls only charged at 50k/s
  • Bonus is has a 7 day validity period

3. 100% Data bonus on selected data plans:

When you opt in for the 100% bonus package, you get to enjoy:

  • 100% data bonus on selected data plans purchased (your data will be doubled when you buy data of 50MB to 500MB) while the main data can be used at any time, the bonus data can only be used from 10:30PM-5:00AM daily. Quite simiar to a night plan.
  • 100% Data bonus will be granted on data plans from 50MB to 500MB. Bonus can only be used during off-peak periods.
  • Data bonus will not be granted on already discounted data bundle plans such as social me, campus data offer etc.
  • Bonus is has a 7 day validity period


  • Migrate to Etisalat Easyciq tariff plan (if you are not already on the plan)
  • Migrate by dialing ussd code *244*1#
  • Subsequently, dial ussd code *545#
  • Select a preferred package

I wonder why Etisalat limited the 100% data bonus to a minimum of 50MBand a maximum of 500MB though.

When it comes to data bundles, Etisalat are tight fisted but they more than make up for it with their awesome network provision.
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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Telco Etisalat has launched a new night plan that in my opinion is coming quite late.

With the likes of MTN and Airtel already having an existing and more enticing night plans offering 500MB of data for just N25, it seems quite funny that Etisalat would come late to the party and throw a somewhat inferior hat into the ring.

Anyways, the new Etisalat night plan offers a meagre 250MB for N50 (see what I am talking about?).

I don't know of any reason why I will opt for this considering other telcos offer more for less money, but it is what it is.
The new plan is available for Etisalat sunscribers on the Easycliq tariff plan and is valid through the night from 12Am - 5AM.

The Etisalat night bundle plan works on all internet enabled device.

How To Activate Etisalat 250MB For N50 Night Plan?
  • Migrate to Easycliq tariff plan (if you are not already on the plan)
  • Migrate by dialing ussd code *244*1#
  • Be sure to have at least N50 airtime on your Etisalat SIM
  • Dial *229*10*10# to activate 250MB for N50 night bundle plan (valid from 12:00am - 5:00am)
Well, there you go. 

Personally, I would advice you go for the Airtel night bundle plan or opt for the MTN night bundle plan - both of which offer 500MB for just N25 (valid from 12AM - 5AM)

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Saturday, January 7, 2017

Etisalat has joined the league of telcos looking to bring cheaper internet data bundles to internet surfers and their offer is pretty cool and targeted at campus youths (we need and use the internet the most).

Etisalat has rolled out the pretty awesome "EasyCliq Campus Data" plans with which Etisalat subscribers get to enjoy best value for their money spent on data bundle plans.

Image result for etisalat easycliq campus data images

With Etisalat's  "EasyCliq Campus Data", You get to subscribe to some selected data plans at a specially discounted price and as the name implies it is available only to Easyclique subscribers and restricted to campuses in Nigeria i.e you can only make use of these plans in a campus environment.


To enjoy this cool data bundle plans,

  • Migrate to Etisalat Easycliq (if you are not already on the plan)
  •  Dial simpe ussd code *244*1# to opt in

ALSO READ: Get 7GB for Just N2000 On Airtel
                        Get 2GB for N500, 8GB for N2000 on MTN


There available bundles for this plan are:

The three (3) day bundle plan
The seven (7) day bundle plan


  • 200MB for N100 (dial *609*1#   with a3 day valodity)
  • 500MB for N250 (dial *609*2# with a 7 day validity)
  • 1GB for N500 (dial *609*3#  with a 7 day validity)

NB: All data plans are usable on every Nigerian campuses.

You can buy any of the bundle for as many times as possible with each bundle replacing the existing bundle (so you have to exhaust a bundle before re-subscribing).

According to Etisalat, if same day purchase account validity will remain the same but if multiply purchase is done at separate days then account validity will be extended.
Also there is no autorenewal upon data exhaustion of the data. so you have to re-purchase a data bundle upon exhausting the existing one.

These bundle works on all devices and can be used to stream, surf the internet, download etc without limitations.

There is no autorenewal upon exhaustion of the data. This means you need to buy another plan once you use up your plan in other to continue.

So campus fellas, lets keep rocking this!
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