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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Airtel subscribers can now enjoy an awesome 4GB worth of Internet data for just a cheap sum of N1000.
This new subscription tweak is preferable done on a new Airtel sims as you are by default on the Welcome To Airtel plan .
However, if you are making use of an old Airtel sim, you can still enjoy an awesome 3GB for the same sum of N1000.
To make this tweak work, you have to be informed on how to change your smartphones imei number .
However, unlike when you are making use of Glo bis plan with the use of imei change, with this airtel data tweak you have to specifically change to the imei from a Blackberry 10 device (Z10, Q10, Q5 etc).
Enough talks, let's go into the technicalities.


- A new Airtel sim (old sims would get only 3GB for 1K)
- A blackberry 10 device imei (important)
Knowledge on how to change imei number
- Your smartphone (of course)

- Buy a new Airtel sim
- Register the sim
- You are automatically on the Welcome To Airtel plan
- Load N1000 Airtel on your sim using ussd code *555*Card Pin#
- You will be credited with 1GB worth of Internet data plus bonus airtime for Airtel to Airtel calls
- Dial ussd code *556# to check data and bonus balance
- Now, dial ussd code *431# to subscribe to Airtel 3gb plan for 1k
- You will get an error message
- Ignore this message, your N1000 would be deducted and you will be accredited with 3gb worth of Internet data
- Dial *140# to check your data balance
- Now you have a total of 4gb worth of data for just 1k
- If you are making use an old Airtel sim
- Just change your imei with that of a blackberry 10 device
- Subscribe for 3gb For 1k with ussd code *431#

The awesome part about this plan is that there is not the usual double charges made on other Airtel data plans.
Hope you find this helpful, share with friends using the share button

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Saturday, April 9, 2016

Telecommunications giants, Airtel Nigeria has launched a new tariff plan.
The “Airtel Smart Speedoo” plan is a new plan that allows customers of the Airtel network experience awesome and affordable data rates while browsing the internet and also to
enjoy free data on the process of doing so.
The new Airtel Smart Speedo Data plan works in an amazing way, let me break it down.
As an Airtel customer on the Airtel Speedo Data plan, when you make use of up to 10mb worth of Internet data at a rate of 1kobo/kb, Airtel credits you with 10mb worth of Internet data FREE!!!
When you make use of up to 50mb worth of Internet data, the browsing rate and charge drops to 0.5kobo/kb and you will be credited by Airtel with an additional 50mb worth of Internet data FREE!!!
This awesomely amazing cycle continues every month, thereby giving you the FREE SURF experience.
With Airtel Speedo Data plan, the more you surf, the more data you get.
It is also notable that on getting to 100mb the data charge rate drops further to 0.2kobo/kb and the customer get Internet data worth of 100mb free added.
As mentioned previously and also according to Airtel vice President, Data and Services, Natin Anand, the cycle continues in that manner every month.
To opt into Airtel Smart Speedo Data freebies,
customers should
> Dial ussd code *141# on any Airtel sim
> Respond to the popup with 2

Subscribe to the Airtel Smart Speedo Data Plan today and enjoy getting free data bundle plan the more you surf the internet.
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Saturday, June 10, 2017

Airtel NG has officially unveiled another dope data bundle offer that I find pretty cool. Airtel are painting the town red with a new "150% bonus on data purchases" offer to loyal Airtel subscribers.

This new offer applies to the Airtel Android smartphone data plans and there are some pretty juicy data bundles on offer: Checkout the offers below:
  • 500MB for N200
  • 1.8GB for N500
  • 3.75GB for N1,000
  • 8.75GB for N2,000 

Breaking this down, you get:
  • 1035MB FREE data bonus when you activate the Airtel 750MB for N500 data plan
  • 2.25GB FREE data bonus when you activate the Artel 1.5GB for N1,000 data plan etc.
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Thursday, May 11, 2017

Holla fellas!

Here is another awesome news from the Airtel stables! Having days ago blocked the epic cheat which saw individuals accumulating over 2 Terabytes of FREE Airtel Social internet data, I wil be showing you an Airtel "Official" juicy data bundle.

However, there is a slight issue with these new juicy data bundle as it deals with eligibility i.e if you are not eligible, you cannot enjoy the Airtel "double data" offer.

What Does Airtel "Double Data" Promo Brings to the Table?.

Wel, simply put and as the name implies, users on the Airtel network - if eligible - get to enjoy double data for every data bundle purchased i.e You get:

  • 3GB for N1,000
  • 6GB for N1,500
  • 7GB for N2,000
  • 18GB for N4,000
Whenever you make a purchase of any of the available Airtel data bundles.
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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

News has been making the rounds that telecommunications company Airtel would be exiting Africa and the telecom company has released an official press release debunking the rumours.

Checkout a summary of the long press release below:

Image result for airtel office images
Airtel isn’t leaving Africa anytime soon. 
As a matter of fact, Airtel increased its ownership of Airtel Nigeria in November after purchasing Econet Wireless Limited’s 4.2% shareholding.
The news of Airtel exiting the Africa market is not new, similar rumors made the rounds back in 2015 which was similarly debunked by the telco.

Below is the full transcript of Airtel's press release debunking the latest rumoured planned exit:

NAIROBI 30th January 2017: Airtel Africa, a leading telecommunications company with operations in 15 countries across Africa, has refuted speculative media reports erroneously stating its possible exit from Africa. The organization has reaffirmed that it remains committed to Africa and will continue to invest in its operations to grow sustainably in Africa. 

Airtel Africa’s recent 3rd quarter results were strong. The underlying Africa revenues for the quarter accelerated by 6.0 per cent Y-o-Y, the highest over the last 9 quarters. 
The organization’s efforts to improve the quality of customer acquisitions have resulted in a reduction in customer churn to 4.9 per cent from 6.0 per cent. 
Data consumption and revenues have grown by 91.0 percent & 24.0 per cent Y-o-Y respectively, led by stronger data networks. 
The strong focus on cost management has led to a significant underlying EBITDA margin expansion of 4.5 per cent Y-o-Y, which now stands at 24.5 percent. Africa is now generating positive free cash and is PBT positive in constant currency.

Raghunath Mandava, Managing Director, and Chief Executive Officer, Airtel Africa, said’ “All the steps taken recently with regard to human resources and infrastructure have been geared towards readying the organization to grow efficiently and sustainably in the medium to long term. 
The company remains committed to competing in various markets and providing more choice to customers through further investments to ensure consistent delivery of quality and value for money services to our customers. 
We are also accelerating our investments in new data networks and to modernize our existing networks. 
We are committed to launching 4 G in multiple countries.”
He added “Mergers and acquisitions continue to be the norm for any multinational organization and they affect all global organizations in equal measures as and when they happen. As a strategy, we look for opportunities to acquire or merge in opcos that are operating in a fragmented market structure with too many players in a small market.

Last year, Airtel and Orange reached a mutually beneficial agreement on the assets in Sierra Leone and Burkina Faso. Similarly, Airtel also acquired assets in Uganda, CongoB and Kenya in recent times. The agreements brought together the strengths of Airtel, Warid and Essar. 
This has offered benefits to customers in the form of a superior and wider network, affordable voice/data services and better customer care. Away from Africa, recently, we merged with Robi in Bangladesh to create a solid and profitable No.2 player in the market.” 
The recent results demonstrate the effectiveness of Airtel’s business strategy in Africa. The organization sees an opportunity ahead to emerge with a broader reach and sharper execution.
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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Airtel are making the news of recent! Having officially announce the Airtel Ng 4G LTE services, Airtel has announced an awesome promo plan that is aimed at bringing back runaway customers.


This new promo is quite peculiar as it is only eligible for Airtel SIMs that has been abandoned for over a month (30 days). The general idea of the promo is not as weird as it sounds, Airtel are simply devising a smart way to bring back old customers.

The new Airtel WinBack 20X promo gives users a massive 20 times on all recharges made on SIMs that have been abandoned for over 30 days i.e SIMs that has not been active for calls, SMS or internet data.

How Airtel WinBack 20X Promo Works

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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Airtel has launched a new data bundle plan which is simply awesome for internet data users, the new Airtel Triple Surf bundle plans offer a cool 100% data bonus on data purchases and data subscription renewals.

With this new offer, Airtel rewards dedicated internet data subscribers on the network.

The Airtel Triple Surf is not a "stand alone" data bundle, it is simply an offer that gives Airtel users percentage based bonuses on "subscribed-for" data bundles.
The bonus percentage given is dependent on the Airtel data bundle you have subscribed for.


The following are benefits Airtel subscribers stand to enjoy with Airtel Triple Surf:

  • 50% bonus data when you activate any of the applicable data plans
  • As much as 75% bonus data on first renewal
  • As much as 100% bonus data on 2nd renewal


To activate the Airtel Triple Surf data bonus offering, follow the steps detailed below:

  • Dial simple ussd code *141#
  • Choose the "Triple Surf Offer" from the popup menu (i.e option 2)
  • A list of applicable bundles is displayed
  • Activate a suitable "applicable data bundle" from the list provided


Plan Name          Price      Volume    1st subscription      1st Renewal             2nd Renewal
Daily                      100         30MB                   50%                  75%                            100%
3 day                     200         50MB                   50%               75%                            100%
Weekly                  300         80MB                   50%               75%                            100%
Easy                     500        750MB                    50%               75%                            100%
Android1             1000         1.5GB                     50%                 50%                           50%
Android 2            2000         3.5GB                     50%                 50%                           50%
Android 3.5         3500         7GB                        50%                 50%                           50%

After activating either of the applicable data bundles, you can check your data bundle balance by:

  • Dialing simple ussd code *140#
I personally think the Airtel "Triple Surf" data offer is pretty cool, what do you think of the offer?
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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Need awesomely affordable data plans?
Good news, you can get 4GB worth of data on the Airtel network for just N1500 or alternatively 6GB worth of data for just N2500.
- Get a "new" Airtel SIM.
This plan will not work on an old sim, this is because only new Airtel sims are on ‘Welcome to Airtel’ package which offers 5 times value on every recharge to new, prepaid customers on the Airtel network.

- Register the new Airtel SIM, when it is active,recharge with N1500 airtime with ussd code *555*pin#

- You will be credited with a bonus of N2600 for Airtel to Airtel calls plus an additional Free 1GB worth of data.

- N1500 loaded airtime will not be deducted, it is still available for your use

- Subscribe for 3GB with the ussd code *440*16#

- Now you have 4GB worth of data for N1500 amd if course extra credit too!

You can get 6GB worth of data For N2500 alternatively

- Recharge N2500 airtime with ussd code *555*pin# and you will be credited with (1GB + 500MB) plus free N3900 bonus airtime for Airtel to Airtel calls.

- Dial ussd code *437*1# and you will be credited with 4.5GB worth of data.

- Totalling 6GB worth of data

NB - Bonus Airtime + data given has a 14 day expiry time n
This works on NEW Airtel sims alone

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Monday, April 24, 2017

After all the other telcos in the country (NGR) successfully launched their respective 4G LTE services, Airtel users are still left twiddling their thumbs and crossing their toes in anticipation.

Good news however, the wait is finally over!


Airtel Ng has at long last announced the rollout of the Airtel 4G LTE services in the country! 

I personally find it disappointing that Airtel despite being the first telecom company to  successfully carry out 4G trial in Lagos back in 2012, they are the very last to officially roll out the service to their loyal subscribers.
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Sunday, May 7, 2017

Free browsing cheats have been hard to come by lately, so it is great news for Airtel subscribers that a new free browsing cheat is here that they can enjoy.


With this free browsing cheat, you get over 100GB FREE internet data on your Airtel SIM and can use it to power all apps on your smartphone with the use of a VPN app,
So, let's get into it, shall we?

How to Get 100GB FREE Data On Airtel

As at time of publishing, I had accumulated 44GB and still getting more!


  • Insert your Airtel SIM into your smartphone (if it is not already in)
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Friday, October 14, 2016

Airtel Talk more voice call bundles has been around for a bit but a lot of people are not aware of the cool offer.

Airtel talkmore is aimed at people who prefer more voice call time to internet bundles and with Airtel talkmore you get as much as 200% instant bonus whenever you
subscribe to any of the Airtel Talk More bundles.
With Airtel Talk more bundles, you talk more for less monetary charge


Same-Day Validity TalkMore
BundleCostTalkMore Total ValueActivation
TalkMore 60₦60₦120*234*60#
Subscription expires every 11:59pm

1-Day Validity TalkMore
BundleCostTalkMore Total ValueActivation
TalkMore 100₦100₦250*234*100#
TalkMore 150₦150₦500*234*150#
TalkMore 250₦250₦1,000*234*250#

7-Day Validity TalkMore
BundleCostTalkMore Total ValueActivation
TalkMore 300₦300₦1,000*234*300#
TalkMore 500₦500₦2,000*234*500#
TalkMore 700₦700₦3,000*234*700#

14-Day Validity TalkMore
BundleCostTalkMore Total ValueActivation
TalkMore 1000₦1,000₦4,000*234*1000#
TalkMore 1500₦1,500₦6,000*234*15#

30-Day Validity TalkMore
BundleCostTalkMore Total ValueActivation
TalkMore 3000₦3,000₦12,000*234*30#

airtel talk more plans

After subscribing to any of the Airtel Talk More bundles, you can check your Talk more bundle balance by dialing *123*5# 

Below is an SMS version of the Airtel Talk More bundles using the format below:
  • Amount
  • Value
  • Bonus
  • Validity
  • Subscribe


  • N60
  • N120 worth of calls, SMS and data
  • 100% bonus
  • 11:59pm(same day)
  • Dial *234*60# or send 60 to 234
  • N100
  • N240 worth of calls, SMS and data
  • 140% bonus
  • 24 hours
  • Dial *234*100# or send 100 to 234
  • N150
  • N360 worth of calls, SMS and data
  • 140% bonus
  • 24 hours
  • Dial *234*150# or send 150 to 234
  • N250
  • N750 worth of calls, SMS and data
  • 200% bonus
  • 1 day
  • Dial *234*250# or send 250 to 234
  • N700
  • N2100 worth of calls, SMS and data
  • 200% bonus
  • 7 days
  • Dial *234*700# or send 700 to 234
  • N1500
  • N4500 worth of calls, SMS and data
  • 200% bonus
  • 15 days
  • Dial *234*15# or send 15 to 234
  • N3000
  • N9000 worth of calls, SMS and data
  • 200% bonus
  • 30 days
  • Dial *234*30# or send 30 to 234
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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

I recently posted on how to get 1GB of data monthly on the Airtel network for N300. However, that data bundle plan does not allow for downloading and basically is just for surfing the internet and instant messaging.

So, I did a little bit of data bundle research and came across the old but still actve Airtel weekend data plan.
Image result for airtel weekend data plan

The Airtel weekend plan gives a cool 1GB of data for just N100 valid for the weekend and unlike the norm with Airtel and their data plans, it does not zap data..

The only con of this data bundle plan is the fact that it deals with eligibility (i.e not all Airtel sims are eligible to enjoy this offer), so you have to check your eligibility status to ascertain you can enjoy this cool offer.


To check your eligibility status, follow the steps below:

  • Be sure to have 0.00 on your Airtel SIM
  • Dial ussd code  *474*1#
  •  If you receive a "You have insufficient balance to subscribe for this plan" response sms than you are eligible for the weekend offer
As soon as eligibility status is confirmed, you can proceed to subscribing to the Airtel weekend internet plan by:

  • Recharge your Airtel SIM with N100
  • Redial ussd code  *474*1#
  • N100 will be deducted and you will be credited with a cool 1GB for the weekend (Saturday and Sunday)
  • To check your data bundle balance, dial ussd code *140#


Now comes the part where your intelligence comes to play, Airtel does not allow users subscribe for the weekend data bundle twice over 24 hours.

However, you can rollover the subscription up till the weekend i.e you start subscribing for the weekend plan on Monday, Tuesday.....till Sunday.

That way you get a cool 7GB for just N700 for use over the weekend!!!

Awesome right?

So, start accumulating data for the weekend and keep your download manager stacked for the weekend!

Thats how I roll, join the movement!!!

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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Quite recently, telecommunications company MTN increased their Xtratime (Borrow airtime) rates by 5% (from 10-15%), Etisalat subsequently followed suit.

Airtel has now sadly joined the league of recession-influenced-interest-increment gang, similarly increasing their interest rates on borrowed airtime by 5% (from 10-15%).

Image result for airtel borrow airtime image

There seem to be a join agreement between these telcos and it would not be surprising if
Globacom decides to follow the trend.

With the rate at which people make use of these telecom "borrow airtime" features, this move would really bring in massive revenue (essentially milking subscribers). Borrowing airtime - or borrowing data (in the case of MTN Xtrabytes) - is never advisable (in my opinion), but in some cases of emergency it becomes a necessary (and appreciable) evil.

However, I find it funny at how swiftly Airtel joined the 5% interest increase team, considering I (We) have been patiently waiting to see their own 4G LTE services launched and it does not look like its happening any time soon.

Anyways, it is what it is!

If you feel the need to borrow airtime from Airtel (despite the increase), simply follow the steps below:

  • First of, to be eligible for Airtel "borrow airtiime" feature, you must be a regular Airtel subscriber (for atleast 3 months) and must recharge at least N300 worth of airtime per month.
  • If you qualify (with the above condition), simply dial *500*amount# (e.g *500*100# to borrow N100) to borrow airtime from Airtel
  • Or dial *500# and follow the prompts

NB: Note that the 15% interest charge will be deducted instantly i.e if you borrow N100 you will be credited with N85, if you borrow N200 you will be credited with N170 and so on...

We remain hopeful for a positive development from Airtel soon, their 4G LTE service roll out specifically.

What do you think of this interest rate increment?

Would you still use Airtel's "borrow airtime" features?

Are you anticipating Airtel 4G LTE services soon?

Kindly let us know your thoughts using the comments box


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