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Monday, June 5, 2017

Android users can testify to the frustration and anger that is felt when our "smartphones" actually do get smart and lock us out of our own devices ( that we bought with our hard earned cash!).

This lock out is caused when users forget their lock patterns and attempt the wrong variations several times.

The frustration and irritation when you can't get access to your favourite apps, messages, social media accounts, important emails and the likes is quite massive. Trust me, I know.

However, this tutorial is set to give solutions to such situations. There are various ways to bypass such lock outs due to wrong pattern inputs.

Let us get into these methods :

GMail Method :

With this method, after inputting wrong patterns on your android smartphone 5 times, users get a screen pop up prompting the users to hold for 30 seconds before attempting to input another pattern.

Just click the "forgot Pattern" button and you will be subsequently prompted to put in your Gmail account details.

As long as you know your Gmail account details (you should), then your Android device would be easily unlocked.

After inputting your "correct" Gmail account details, you will be prompted to input a new pattern for your lock and your android and your device will be unlocked.

NB: For this method to work, your device data connection needs to be switched on.

CMD Method 

This method uses your USB debugging, which means your USB debugging mode most be turned on on your android smartphone.

This two different ways to use this method


  • Connect your Android smartphone with a USB cable to a PC.
  • Open Command Prompt ( Press window key + R)
  • Type “cmd” (without the quotes) in the provided space and click the OK button
  • Type in the codes below

adb shell
cd /data/data/
sqlite3 settings.db
update system set value=0 where name=’lock_pattern_
update system set value=0 where

  • Reboot your android smartphone
  • Unlock with any pattern of choice.


This second method follows basically the same directive as the first, the only difference is the code to be inputted.

Just follow the instructions of the first method but replace the code with the one below :

adb shell rm /data/system/gesture.key

  • Your android smartphone will be unlocked. would successfully be unlocked.
  • Hard Resetting Your Android Device :

This is the last option, a last resort if the two methods above did not work for you.

NB: With this method, you would lose all data saved on your device (Including the pattern lock set) hence it should be your very last resort.

To hard reset your android smartphone, follow this simple process :

  • Press your device Power Button + Volume Key + Home Key at the same time
  • Scroll down to the "erase all data" option
  • Click on it
  • Your android smartphone will be hard reset i.e formatted
  • You have gotten rid of the pattern lock.

Hope you find this helpful, remember to share with friends using the share button.

If you have issues with the methods, comment to us via the comments box and we will help you out.
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Thursday, June 1, 2017

According to a report by AndroidPolice, Turing Robotics Industries (TRI) has announced a smartphone i.e the "Turing Phone Cadenza". 


Judging from the mind boggling specs and features this device reportedly carries, it is definitely going to be the world's best smartphone - it is essentially like a fantasy smartphone device!!!

The "Turing Phone Cadenza" is powered by not just one but a crazy 2 of the rumoured Qualcomm Snapdragon 830 chipsets and is supported by dual 6GB RAM modules (amounting to a sickening 12GB RAM).

Wowed yet?

The Turing Phone Cadenza carries a 60 megapixels back camera and a 20 megapixels selfie shooter. And as if that isn't enough camera specs for a device, there are dual (2) front cameras!!!

Have you hit the "WTF?" moment yet?

This already mind blowing device carries 1TB internal storage with dual 256Gb memory chips for on board memory as well as an additional 500GB expandaple through micro-SD card slots (what for?). 


The "Turing Phone Cadenza" comes packing 3 power sources: a 2400 mAh graphene supercapacitor battery, a 1600 mAh lithium ion battery, and a hydrogen fuel cell (Information on if it is removeable or not is not yet available).

The device supports four nano sim cards (of course), two of which can be used for expanding the storage, because...(because of because - for the hell of it!)

Turing Cadenza Specs and Features

"Turing Phone Cadenza" will reportedly run on the Swordfish OS (which looks to be some form of a fork of the Linux based Sailfish OS).

The Swordfish OS features some advanced AI based embedded features which includes a memory network and a neural network.

A natural language processing is also built into the Cadenza, while users can switch the device off and on using voice commands via a new technology i.e VoiceOn.

Voice can also be used for bio-metric authentication instead of usual retina scanners or fingerprint scanners present in these days smartphones (because the Cadenza is super-awesome like that).

There is also the “Advanced AI Voice”, which is expected to be a voice based intelligent assistant.

The Cadenza's body is made up of liquid metal (Apple uses this to make the sim card ejector tools) and the durable Graphene Oxide.

While the Turing Cadenza is pretty much looking like a fantasy device, it is not.

It is not a "production idea' either as Turing plans to start shipping the Cadenza next year (2017). However, until then, I remain skeptical.

What do you think? Comment using the comments box

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Friday, May 26, 2017

To further buttress that fact, I introduce Olatayo Sobomehin: a 11 yeaar old Nigerian game developer whose game was noticed and officially acknowledged and announced by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg!

Tayo's game "Spike Rush", which is available for both iOs and Android devices is a multi-level addictive archery game that keeps you hooked once you start playing.
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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

When it comes to smartphones there always 2 sides of the divide i.e the Android fanboys and the iOS gang-ers. Well Apple has just launched an a commercial and it packs a Anthony Joshua type uppercuts to Android fanboys (of which I'm one).

The new Apple commercial sees Apple giving reasons why they feel Android fanboys should make the switch across the border to the iOS kingdom. They did not just stop there, they went as far as relaunched a website ( for the sole purpose of switching allegiance, wow.
Anyways, checkout the reasons why Apple says you should switch allegiance in the video ad campaign below:
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Friday, May 19, 2017

Whatsapp remains arguably the best instant messenger around despite rivals such as Telegram and the recent emergence of Google Allo.

There has over time being questions raised on if it is possible to hack a whatsapp account and how to go about it.


This tutorial is on how to hack any whatsapp account.

This can come in handy if you have a cheating partner, an untrustworthy business partner or even for crime investigations.

DISCLAIMER: This tutorial is strictly for educational purposes. The author of this post or the owner of  Nerddict is not responsible for any misuse of this information/tutorial whatsoever. You are 100% responsible for your actions if you choose to implement this tutorial.

Techniques to Hack Whatsapp Account

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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Online shopping is the "in" thing now, these days the internet where we go for successful and less stressful shopping.

Online shopping is quite convenient and offers unparalleled variety and choices.
Also, saving are made through price slashes and coupons.


These coupons and slashes are not always available though, so we bring to you some tricks you can use to get the best deals online.

1. Assume the role of a New Customer

Online marketers use the tactics of offering some sort of incentive to new customers, either a percentage discount or free shipping on their very first order.

To pose as a new customer, you should clear cookies from your browser every time you go on an online shopping spree.

This way, you appear as a new customer.
Alternatively, you could just choose to a separate browser specially and specifically for internet shopping.
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Monday, May 15, 2017

Infinix has started rolling out Android Nougat upgrades to its devices and Infinixmobility has continued to produce platforms to ensure Infinix smartphone users get the Nougat updates sharpish!

To enforce this, Infnix has launched an official app that affords Infinix mobile users get swift access to, and download software updates swiftly.


The newly launched app has an an optimized downloader that ensures you get the files swiftly regardless of your internet service speed (poor internet).

With this app, you get to download the promised Android Nougat update on your  Infinix  Hot 4, Zero 4, S2 and Note 3 smartphone devices

Infinix had earlier promised to release Android nougat update for Infinix S2, Zero 4, Note 3 and Hot 4 This app below will help you to get the download faster.

How to Download the Infinix XOS Update App and Upgrade Your Infinix Smartphone
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