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Thursday, August 24, 2017

The Lamborghini Alpha-One smartphone is definitely for the wealthy and classy folks, but if you are looking for a smartphone with dope ass specs and features, then I suggest you go for other smartphones i.e iPhones, Samsung, Google Pixel etc.

lamborghini alpha one smartphone

However, if you are one of those who has N1 million naira ($2,450) that he is not using, them, by all means, go get the Lamborghini Alpha-One.

The Lamborghini Alpha-One's build is made of “Italian handmade black leather” with a custom Italian leather accompanying phone case.

 lamborghini alpha one smartphone

Lamborghini have also promised free repairs (within a year of purchase), as long as defects isn't caused by customer’s mishandling.

As earlier mentioned, the specs of the  Lamborghini Alpha-One is not shabby, but considering its price tag, we were expecting something mind-blowing. That is not the case though.
Checkout the specs of the $2450 Lamborghini Alpha-One smartphone.

lamborghini alpha one smartphone

Lamborghini Alpha-One Specs Highlight
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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Technology has taken over the world, mobile phone serves so many purposes and since its advent, it has been a gift to the world. You can choose between brand new and refurbished mobiles, depending on your budget.

android smartphone
Its existence has helped to unite families and business partners. The choice of getting a good phone having all the features one wants is sometimes difficult, as most phones have features that are present in this device but not available in the other device, if care is not taken, one might mistake one for the other. At this point, it is best we itemize what makes some phone special than the other.

The best mobile phone for me is the Infinix X600 NOTE 2, this is because it has so many features and benefits that make it outstanding, some of which would be discussed as follows;
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Thursday, July 27, 2017

In this generation where we have varieties of products in the market, the task of getting a good mobile phone with a quality camera might be a problem and it won’t be very easy recognizing a good mobile phone, since most phones have similar features and benefits.

You can choose between a brand new mobile and refurbished phones. All of this recent mobile phones come with a lot of features, such as spacious memory space, high battery capacity, camera, good operating system, these are some of the features that make a mobile phone outstanding, amidst all of this, so many phones have great features, but we would be reviewing the top five mobile phone cameras.

samsung galaxy s8

Samsung Galaxy S8

The Samsung galaxy S8 is a promising phone that has a good camera quality and no wonder it’s already a favorite in the market.
Its features includes a 12 mega pixel camera module and a new multi frame image processing that enables the mobile phone to have a better performance when taking pictures in a low light setting and HDR photography.
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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

OEM Leagoo has launched their first flagship of the year and the device looks a lot like the iPhone 7, with a similar design and camera placement.

The Leagoo T5 is an aesthetic device and packs some amazing specifications too! The device is a 5.5 inch FHD Sharp display device (Corning Gorilla Glass 4 Screen) that comes packing 4GB of RAM alongside and internal storage of 64GB (expandable via microSD)

The Leagoo T5 runs Android v7.0 Nougat straight out-of-the-box and features a fingerprint scanner embedded on the physical home button (0.1 sec Unlock, 4 in 1 front-mounted fingerprint ID).

Specs Highlights of the Leagoo T5 Smartphone
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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

OEM Innjoo has officially announced the Innjoo Max 4 Pro phablet and it comes featuring some cool specs. The 6 inch phablet runs on Android 7 Nougat (powered by a Mediatek MT6750 chipset) out-of-the-box and offers 4G LTE connectivity support. (which quite dissapointingly supports only one LTE band i.e 1800)

The Innjoo Max 4 Pro is built in an all metal body and comes in two storage variants i.e 32GB/3GB RAM and 64GB/4GB RAM which is the only difference as the both pack an impressive 4400mAh battery.


Checkout the Innjoo Max 4 Pro full specs and features below:
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Sunday, June 11, 2017

Lots of people have been asking if this option is available online instead of passing through the normal micro-finance banks with neck breaking requirements. The good news is that it is available online and you can get in less than 24hours.


There are times that you are just pinned to the wall and you need a narrow escape out of it but your bank account is reading “red”, in such a situation, getting a loan might be your only option.
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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Chinese OEM Gionee recently launched 3 new smartphone devices which includes the Gionee S10 and the S10B smartphones.

The Gionee S10B is a junior version of the S10, the S10 comes packing some pretty cool specifications which includes an impressive 4GB RAM alongside a 64GB internal memory (expandable via microSD up to 256GB). 


Camera wise, the S10 impresses, featuring a primary dual camera combo of 16MP + 8MP cameras and a dual secondary combo of 20MP + 8MP camera. The S10 unlike recent Gionee smartphones comes with a meagre 3450mAh non removable battery and offers 4G LTE connectivity support.

The Gionee S10B mostly comes with similar specification to the S10 but there is a big difference in camera, though it betters the S10 in battery (packing a 3700mAh battery).

The S10B features dual primary cameras (13MP + 5MP) but features a singular 16MP secondary camera. Similar to the S10, the S10B offers support for 4G LTE connectivity and packs similar storage options (4GB RAM, 64GB internal storage).

Check below for the full specifications of both devices:
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