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50+ Awesome and Legit Methods of Making Money Online

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You will come across thousands of articles about “ways to making money online” while browsing internet. Most of them are scams and get rich quick scheme and is a waste of your time and money. But there are few legitimate ways in which you can make money online. In this post I will tell you about 50+ legitimate ways in which you can make money online.

In this list of you will find ways you can be making money online easily, ways you can make money quick and ways in which you can make good cash in long term. But all these ways of making money online, (that I have mentioned below) required dedication and hard work for success. You will have to work to earn money online there are no easy and get rich quick ways in which you can make money online.

Making money online is same as making money offline. If you want to work at home, you need to have the right mind set for it. Forget about making money with a push of a button, there is no free money or the magic money making method that is going to get you rich over night.

making money online

Here is the list of 50+ legitimate ways to make money online.

Make money form YouTube
As you all know YouTube is online video sharing websites. You can share your videos in YouTube and make money from it. If your videos have lots of views then you can sing up for YouTube partnership program, in which YouTube will share a percentage of the revenue they make from your videos with you. You can also place your Adsense ads on your videos and earn from the clicks received on those ads.

Make money selling digital scrapbook templates

There are plenty of people who keep digital scarp books. If you can design good looking and attractive scrap book templates then you can make money selling these templates to people to keep digital scrap books. As I said there are many people who keep scrapbook and demand for templates is very high.

Make money selling T-shirts

If you can design T-shirts with cool design and catchy phrases then you can good money online. All you have to do is design them and sell them at websites like Cafepress. You can make good cash selling t-shirts if your design and/or phrases can attract buyers.

Make money by designing and selling MySpace background
MySpace background market is huge; you can find plenty of ads for custom background. Designing a MySpace background is very easy job, but most people prefer to outsource this job. You can offer you service and design custom background and make money by charging for your service.

Make Photo mosaics
Photo mosaics is picture where a picture (usually a photograph) that has been divided into (usually equal sized) rectangular sections, each of which is replaced with another photograph that matches the target photo. There are many people who pay to make there own photo mosaics. This is a huge market with potential of making huge money. But you will need lot of time to complete you work and you can charge according to you work load.

Make money by drop shipping domains
Domain drop shipping is similar to any other drop shipping. You are supposed to sell domains for major domain registration websites. You can earn commission of every sale you make plus commission when your customers renew their domains. Another benefit is that you can start a domain registration website in your own brand name.

Make money by creating and selling softwares
If you know how to make softwares or plug-ins, then you can make money by designing and selling them for cash. You can join various forums to find out which software could help users and design them. You can also find out hottest new plug-ins which is used by bloggers or design new plug-ins and advertise them by setting up a website or a free blog. You can ask other bloggers about plug-ins they would like to use. WordPress plug-ins is a high demand market.

Earn cash commenting
Every webmaster looks for quality backlinks to their website to increase their pager rank and get more people to visit their website. One way to get more backlinks is to comment of different blogs. If can offer your service to webmaster and get paid upto 1 dollar for a comment on a blog post. This is an easy and simple way to make money online.

Cost per Action

Cost per action (CPA) is similar to affiliate marketing. Just like affiliate marketing you earn commission for products sold or action taken. But unlike affiliate website you only have to send leads to their website in order to make money. In order to get accepted to CPA network you will need to own a blog or website.

Earn money from online Surveys
Online survey is a legitimate way to earn online income. Paid online surveys pay you for every completed survey. Each survey may take 5 to 20 minutes to complete and compensation varies from 1 to 20 dollars depending on the survey companies, marketing company and time it takes to complete a survey. Online survey is one of the legitimate ways you can make money online. But there are many paid online survey scams so one must be careful before choosing a legitimate online survey. Read this article on online surveys before you participate in online surveys.

Get paid to surf (GPS)

Get paid to surf is one of the easy way to make some extra cash online. This is a simple work which pays you to surf websites. You get paid anywhere from .0001 to .1 for website you visit. There are many scam get paid to surf websites out there, so when you register make sure that you are joining with the legitimate paid to surf websites. Some of the legitimate paid to surf websites are Clicksense and Neobux

Design websites

You can make money online by designing websites, if you know how to design good websites. Even if you do not know how to design a website you can use free software like Kompozer and design good looking websites. You can sell these websites at webmasters and internet marketing forums like Warriorforum, Digitapoint etc and earn good cash online.

Make money answering questions
There are website which offers cash for your expert opinion and knowledge. If you are an expert (in any fields) you can register at these websites and answer various questions and clear other people doubts and earn money by doing so. You can earn money just by spreading knowledge.

Make money from forum
Another way to make money online is to start a forum. Decide on a forum niche and start your own group. Give a place for people who are interested in your niche to contribute, share their experience and clear their doubts. You can even start your own community by using free forum software. You can make money by displaying ads in forum or if your forum is popular you can make money by asking for membership fees. Like blog forum takes times to be successful so it is important to be patient.

Start your own search engine
You can use Google search engine to start your own search engine. You can build a search engine designed exclusive for certain topics. For example you can design a search engine to search for music. You can then promote your search engine and earn cash when someone clicks on ads displayed in your search engine.

Improve softwares

You can earn money by improving the softwares which are already developed by other to improve the functionality and usability of the users. You need to know how to develop software in order to make money from improving softwares.

Make money by reading emails
Making money from paid emails is another way to make money online. However compensation for reading emails is very less and this can only be used to make some extra cash. Each email you receive will have a link to some website. When you click on the link your account will be credited with the amount. Get paid to read emails schemes cannot earn you lots of cash, and can only be used to earn extra cash online.

Make money sharing files online

Earning money from Get paid to upload websites is an easy way to make money. Each time someone download the file you have upload you will get paid. You can upload file in almost every format and share the link with others, and make money when someone else downloads your file. You can even upload unlimited number of files to these websites.

Make money from your videos

Online video market is huge; there is great demand for online videos. If you can create interesting videos, you can upload it in websites like Revver and Break. These websites will share the revenue your video generates with you and plus if someone downloads your video you can make extra cash too.

Earn cash from focus group
Focus groups are similar to paid surveys. In focus groups you will be with selected group of people talking about a particular product or service. Payment is usually based on the time you spend with focus group. You can expect to get paid anywhere between 6 to 250 dollars. The only difference from online paid surveys is that focus groups are conducted in physical location. You can find focus groups in almost every major city.

Join Revenue share forums
There are forums which offer a share of their revenue with its members. In order to increase the member’s activity many forums offer rewards or profit share to their active member, take part in these forums and earn cash for participation.

Make money from social networks
In my previous article I have written about 4 social networks that pay you to socialize. As social networking market is growing more and more social networks are launched. As more money is running through social networks theses days many social networking websites are sharing money their revenues with users. This strategy has helped them gain more users. You can also earn money just by spending time in these social networks.

Reward Programs

Reward programs are fast way to make money online. Reward programs pay you for completing free offers. Reward programs are more commonly known as “Get Paid To” programs or GPT. In Reward Programs you get paid to complete offers like free sign ups, registering in websites, signing up for freebies, visiting websites etc. There are plenty of GPT websites out there, which earns money for sending lead to advertiser’s website and share a percentage of money they make with members.

Get Paid to Search
Get paid to search is another way to make money online. There are plenty of search engine out there but we rarely uses any of them, except for Bing and Google search engine. Since these small search engine cannot compete with search engine giants like Google and Bing. They share cash they make through advertisement with their users in order to get more users.

Make money working as a virtual assistant
As more and more people are starting to work online, so is the demand for the virtual assistants who can do task such as researching, finding time consuming things etc. people are willing to pay to get a virtual assistant. You can set up a blog or website offering your service and start making money.

Make money reviewing software
Hundreds of new softwares are launched everyday. And there are websites that review these new softwares. All you have to do sign up with these websites; they will give you a free copy of software to use and pay you to review that software.

Make money by converting money

this is another way to make money online. if you can convert money to paypal account you can charge 5 to 10 percentage for each conversion.

Make money as a mystery shopper

Mystery shoppers are those who shop or dine at various places and report their experience back to the companies. This method is used by many companies to evaluate their own customer service and employees performance. You will be given a place to shop or dine and when you report back your experience you will be paid for you service. You may even get to keep the product or service you purchased free of charge.

Selling items on EBay and Craigslist

Craigslist and EBay are some of the best places where you can sell unused items and earn cash form it. EBay and Craigslist are among the most visited websites in the world. You can post ads offering your product or service; these ads will be displayed to hundreds of potential customers. You can find many products in your house which you do not use. You can list those items on EBay and Craigslist for a fair price and make money when they are sold.

Make money Pod casting

If you are a good speaker, have nice voice and can talk about interesting topics, then you can money Pod Casting. Pod casting is voice blogging where you talk about interesting things for your listeners and it is very easy to get hundred of subscribers in this field. You can make money by displaying ads or by talking about sponsored products.

Make money as an online translator

If you can speak or write any other language, you can offer your service as an online translator and make money doing online and offline translation. Best place to find customers for you service is classifieds ads, post in classifieds ads offering your service as translator.

Earn money playing games

This is one of the easy and fun ways to make money online. In this method you will receive virtual cash for playing games online which can be exchanged later for real cash. Some of the online gaming sites which pay you for playing games are Farmgold and Secondlife.

Make money doing Directory Submission

Directory submission is one way for your website or blogs to get more visitors and good page rank. Since most webmasters are busy promoting their website they usually outsource this job. You can offer you service to webmasters and make money from it. You can advertise your offer in forums like Sitepoint and Digitalpoint where you can find many potential customers and offer to do directory submission for them.

Make money by posting in Forums

There are plenty of new forums that are set up daily. In order for forums to attract more users they need to make the forum look active, hence these forum owners pays to get new post published in their forums. You can earn 1dollar to 5 dollar for 10 posts you make. Each post will take only few sentences to complete. This is an easy and fast way to make money online.

Make money Drop Shipping

another way to make money online is by drop shipping. it involve setting up a stores for product of other websites and promote your store online. when someone purchases products displayed in the store you will make profit out of it.

Make money as a Freelance writer

Get paid to write is one of the most popular way to make money online. You can offer you writing service to people who need them using websites like or other freelancer forums and websites. There is not need to invest money or own a website. You get paid as soon as you complete you work. You can also write for website that pays high cash for writing exclusive contents for them.

Make money by starting Niche Directories
Another way to make money online is start your own directory site with list of specific websites divided into different categories. You can gather some websites with details and list them in your directory. You can make money by selling ad space to webmaster or by asking money for website submission.

Make money from data entry works
There are plenty of data entry opportunities for freelancers who are willing to spend time in front of computer. All you have to do find a job and start working from home. You can find data entry jobs from websites like Remember there are plenty of data entry scams out there so make sure you do some research before joining schemes which asks for money or credit card information.

Make Money doing micro jobs
In websites like Fiverr and Fourerr you can make money by doing almost anything and everything you can do. These are micro jobs websites, where you get paid 5 or 4 dollars depending on the website for the micro jobs you offer. You can just sign up for free and offer you gig to others. You complete your job with little effort and make cash online. You can read this post for more details.

Earn money through Affiliate Programs

This is one of the best ways to make money online. All you have to do is sell other people product and earn commission for every sale. You can find products to promote from websites like Clickbank, which offers you up to 75 percent of selling price as commission. You can find variety of products to sell including digital products like eBooks and software.

Make money by offering to install applications
Many people still find it hard to install various softwares and applications. If you have experience in installing software you can offer your service to them and charge them for your time and effort. This is an easy way to make money for experts, who can install applications and software very fast.

Make money selling photos

If you have a passion for photography, you can upload interesting photos you have taken websites which pays you every time someone downloads your photo. You can upload hundreds of photos to these websites. The interesting part is that even if you have uploaded a single photo, you will get paid over and over again, every time someone downloads that photo.

Make money selling EBooks

There are plenty of people who sell eBooks to make money and even more people who buy eBooks. If you have any knowledge about any topic (cooking, SEO or any other topic), write an eBook covering that topic and sell those eBooks in forums related to that topics or on other websites. One way to attract more buyers is to give initial copy of the eBook for free, so that if anyone likes your first part they will purchase entire book from you. You can make anywhere between 5 to 100 dollar per book sold.

Get Paid To Review
This is one of the best ways in which bloggers and website owners can make money online. Even if you do not have a blog or a website you can start a free blog using WordPress or Blogger and start reviewing product or service. Other website owners and bloggers will pay you if you write a review about their website, as it helps them get the word out and make money online. You can also write reviews about affiliate products or service and post link of affiliate product in your review and each time anybody buys that product through the link you can make money.

Make money blogging

Blogging is one of the most popular ways to make money. Everyday hundred of blogs are launches. You can also start your own blog in any free blogging platform and set up your blog in few minutes. You can blog about anything you like no matter what topic you choose there will be people interested in reading your articles. You can make money from you blog by placing ads on your blog or by selling affiliate products like eBooks. But it takes a long time to start making money from blogs, so it is important to be patient and never give up.

Design logos

As you know there are hundreds of new websites, blogs and forums launched everyday. Most of the webmasters do not know how to make logos for their domains. You can offer them custom logos and charge them for your work. You can advertise you offerings at webmaster forums and other classifieds ads. You can also use free imaging tools to design these logos and sell your service online to make money.

Work as a Game Tester

This is one of the most enjoyable ways to make money online. Many big gaming companies pay to test the games they just created to fix bugs and other error. You get paid just for playing games. Test games and make money online.

Flipping websites and Domains
In my previous post on how to make money selling domain names I have written about how to make money selling domains. Flipping websites and domains are just like selling houses. All you hove to do is buy good domains and sell them for profits. Same way you design a website or blog get them going for a while build some backlinks and sell them for profit. People like to buy websites that are going for a while. Everyday hundreds of websites and blogs are sold in

Make Money on EBay

I have talked about making money from EBay and Craigslist in my previous point. This is where you take this income making opportunity a step further. You can sell products on EBay and make a regular income out of it. All you have to do is find more and more stuff to sell on EBay, you can find old stuff from garage sales at cheap price or sell other peoples product for a commission on EBay. More stuff you sell on EBay more profit you make.

Host online Forums to make money
Another way to make money online is by hosting forums. You can use software like SebFlipper to host hundreds of separate forums in one single web server. You can charge forum for hosting their websites in your hosting server or allow them to host their forums for free in return for placing your ads in their forum.

Make Money with Amazon Turk

Amazon mechanical turk is an easy and less popular way to make money. Very few people know about this income opportunity. All you have to do is differentiate picture from text and you can make money from this simple task. If you have enough free time then you can make good cash from Amazon mechanical turk.

other ways to make money online are selling art works and crafts online and referring right persons for various jobs

This was my list of 50+ legitimate ways to make money online. I hope this list helped you to get some ideas about ways to make money online. Your feed backs are appreciated. If you can think of any other ways to make money online please do share with us.



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