Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Which Is the Best Smartphone For You?

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Technology has taken over the world, mobile phone serves so many purposes and since its advent, it has been a gift to the world. You can choose between brand new and refurbished mobiles, depending on your budget.

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Its existence has helped to unite families and business partners. The choice of getting a good phone having all the features one wants is sometimes difficult, as most phones have features that are present in this device but not available in the other device, if care is not taken, one might mistake one for the other. At this point, it is best we itemize what makes some phone special than the other.

The best mobile phone for me is the Infinix X600 NOTE 2, this is because it has so many features and benefits that make it outstanding, some of which would be discussed as follows;

smartphone battery capacity

High Battery Capacity

The phone has a big battery capacity of about 4040mah; with this capacity it will be able to execute so many functions of the device making it to have an amazing performance. The battery when compared to other mobile phone offers more hours before the battery goes down, even at 10 percent, one can still carry out a lot of functions without the fear that the battery is low.
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Best Operating System
As at the first time the phone was produced, it was installed with an XUI android operating system running on Lollipop, but some months later; a new operating system was reintroduced and this is done to help improve the features of the phone. The latest operating system runs on Marshmallow Android 6, and with this operating system, it is possible to carry out a lot of functions like mobile banking, high gaming performance, internet services, and some other good apps that ensure a smooth operation.
android smartphone

Quality Display

Another feature of this phone is the display, it has a 1080 pixel screen resolution, with this screen resolution, one can play high and sophisticated 3D games, the picture quality is properly displayed by the screen and its indeed superb.

Standard Camera

The camera was well constructed, as the phone comes with a two camera platform; the back camera has 16 mega pixels resolution making the pictures and snapshot wonderful and perfect, it captures every moment, activities, events, etc. The other front camera with 5 mega pixels takes good and quality snapshot, and can be used especially for selfie purpose.

samsung galaxy s7 edge

Good Memory Storage

What makes some mobile phones unique and different from others is the memory storage; the Infinix X600 has an inbuilt memory of 16 gigabytes, a memory that can save almost anything from pictures, documents, music, videos even large files. Most people end up getting this mobile phone just because of its large memory, the Infinix X600 also has provision for expanding the memory to about 32gigabytes, and a memory card slot is available for this purpose. The phone is a good one to use and I can recommend it for just anyone, it gives peace of mind.

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