Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Checkout the Sunning Cadillac Escala

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The Cadillac Escala – from the Spanish word for “scale” – is a reflection of Cadillac’s design evolution. Immediately apparent are the sculpted exterior lines on its large frame, giving it the appearance of gliding down the road. Inside, it features a “dual-personality” interior – transitioning from an aluminum-accented front cockpit to a wood-accented rear.

A stunning combination of tech-centric innovation and handcrafted elegance, it is at once a symbol of arrival.


The Escala’s interior is assembled with hand cut-and-sewn techniques. But it also offers several unique new touches that display its grandeur, like an innovative one-piece interior trim, a nearly translucent headliner and opulent rear seating.
Inside you’ll find an OLED touch screen spanning the front console, a central module control that responds to your voice, touch and gestures, and a rear seat connectivity system.

In addition to the technology and craftsmanship, the Escala offers a robust performance system featuring a powerful 4.2L Twin-Turbo V8 engine and a new RWD-centric mixed-material construction which makes it as powerful as it is beautiful.

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