Thursday, July 27, 2017

Top 5 Mobile Smartphone Cameras

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In this generation where we have varieties of products in the market, the task of getting a good mobile phone with a quality camera might be a problem and it won’t be very easy recognizing a good mobile phone, since most phones have similar features and benefits.

You can choose between a brand new mobile and refurbished phones. All of this recent mobile phones come with a lot of features, such as spacious memory space, high battery capacity, camera, good operating system, these are some of the features that make a mobile phone outstanding, amidst all of this, so many phones have great features, but we would be reviewing the top five mobile phone cameras.

samsung galaxy s8

Samsung Galaxy S8

The Samsung galaxy S8 is a promising phone that has a good camera quality and no wonder it’s already a favorite in the market.
Its features includes a 12 mega pixel camera module and a new multi frame image processing that enables the mobile phone to have a better performance when taking pictures in a low light setting and HDR photography.

The front camera now has a 8 mega pixel resolution, when compared to the older version that has a 5 mega pixel resolution. The camera has an aperture of about f/2.8 56mm and a zoom lens that provides a 2x optical zoom.

google pixel

Google Pixel

This camera phone has so many features amongst which are a high dynamic range mode that makes it a wonderful experience to take snapshots of landscapes and sunny days.

The camera as a good exposure of the foreground and the background, thanks to the Pixel and Pixel XL's HDR+ mode.

iPhone 7

iPhone 7

It is a new camera that is introduced to the apple phone family, the phone has a bright color effect that makes it special from other types of iPhone products.

The iPhone 7 smartphone has 12 mega pixels that make clarity of picture outstanding, the optical image stabilization ensures that when taking snapshots, the image to be taken is really stabilized, as there is an auto focus mechanism that make this a reality. 

The iPhone 7 makes use of two cameras in the rear of the phone, the purpose of this is to give the privilege of zooming as one can switch between the two rear cameras. 

The iPhone 7 also has a fixture that can blur the background but can still keep the subject in question focused.

huawei p9

Huawei P9

This is an amazing product that has a dual camera at the rear, each camera consists of 12 mega pixel resolution.
Though these cameras aren’t identical, when they work together they give a good snapshot with a phase detection autofocus that enable it have a standard picture quality, 

The Huawei P9 features a 5 mega pixels front camera.

Sony Xperia XZ

The camera comprises of 23 mega pixels at the rear of the phone and a 13MP at the front, it can be used to take high quality pictures.

The device's camera features comprises of electronic image stabilization, face detection, auto focus, led light, and an aperture of about f/2.0.

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