Monday, June 5, 2017

How to Bypass Android Security Pattern or Pin Locks

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Android users can testify to the frustration and anger that is felt when our "smartphones" actually do get smart and lock us out of our own devices ( that we bought with our hard earned cash!).

This lock out is caused when users forget their lock patterns and attempt the wrong variations several times.

The frustration and irritation when you can't get access to your favourite apps, messages, social media accounts, important emails and the likes is quite massive. Trust me, I know.

However, this tutorial is set to give solutions to such situations. There are various ways to bypass such lock outs due to wrong pattern inputs.

Let us get into these methods :

GMail Method :

With this method, after inputting wrong patterns on your android smartphone 5 times, users get a screen pop up prompting the users to hold for 30 seconds before attempting to input another pattern.

Just click the "forgot Pattern" button and you will be subsequently prompted to put in your Gmail account details.

As long as you know your Gmail account details (you should), then your Android device would be easily unlocked.

After inputting your "correct" Gmail account details, you will be prompted to input a new pattern for your lock and your android and your device will be unlocked.

NB: For this method to work, your device data connection needs to be switched on.

CMD Method 

This method uses your USB debugging, which means your USB debugging mode most be turned on on your android smartphone.

This two different ways to use this method


  • Connect your Android smartphone with a USB cable to a PC.
  • Open Command Prompt ( Press window key + R)
  • Type “cmd” (without the quotes) in the provided space and click the OK button
  • Type in the codes below

adb shell
cd /data/data/
sqlite3 settings.db
update system set value=0 where name=’lock_pattern_
update system set value=0 where

  • Reboot your android smartphone
  • Unlock with any pattern of choice.


This second method follows basically the same directive as the first, the only difference is the code to be inputted.

Just follow the instructions of the first method but replace the code with the one below :

adb shell rm /data/system/gesture.key

  • Your android smartphone will be unlocked. would successfully be unlocked.
  • Hard Resetting Your Android Device :

This is the last option, a last resort if the two methods above did not work for you.

NB: With this method, you would lose all data saved on your device (Including the pattern lock set) hence it should be your very last resort.

To hard reset your android smartphone, follow this simple process :

  • Press your device Power Button + Volume Key + Home Key at the same time
  • Scroll down to the "erase all data" option
  • Click on it
  • Your android smartphone will be hard reset i.e formatted
  • You have gotten rid of the pattern lock.

Hope you find this helpful, remember to share with friends using the share button.

If you have issues with the methods, comment to us via the comments box and we will help you out.

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