Friday, June 23, 2017

HACK: How to Boost Your Wi-Fi Signal Strength!!!

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Wireless network is one best ways of connecting to the Internet.
But it gets frustrating when the signal strength is weak, you need to send an urgent mail, upload a project picture, even update a dope twitter update and you Wi-Fi takes forever to do the job, it really is annoying.


Are you in need of a way to boost and strengthen the strength of that wireless router you have installed in your home or office without having to spend extra cash on a Wi-Fi extender?

Most likely, your Wi-Fi router location is distant from your receiver device (PC, Tablets, Mobile phones), in order to maintain a strong signal strength, this tutorial gives a solution for that without you needing to spend on a Wi-Fi range extender or a new router in order to strengthen signal 📶 that they stay fresh a little longer.

All you need is an aluminium foil, yeah just that!!
How do you boost Wi-Fi Signal Strength with just Aluminum foil? You think.

Here is how!


All you need is to get that aluminium foil, a cutter (scissors ✂ or blade 🔪) and your router.


1. Cut and shape out your aluminium foil in a rectangle shape, fold the surrounding edges to make it appear like a frame and then give it a curve shape.

2. Add some stability to the foil to make it stable and then place the foil behind your router's antenna.

3. The aluminum foil will reflect the wireless signals by making the signal beam it your selected directions in your home or office.

4. If you mounted your router on a wall, you just need to make holes in the Aluminium foil and insert the foil into the holes of the antenna

5. After placing the aluminum foil behind your router, the Wi-Fi signal strength will noticeably increase.

Try this at home or at you office and thank me later!!!

Your  Wi-Fi strength will transform from snail's pace to cheetah's pace 😀

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