Thursday, May 18, 2017

Top Online Shopping Hacks: Get More for Less!!!

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Online shopping is the "in" thing now, these days the internet where we go for successful and less stressful shopping.

Online shopping is quite convenient and offers unparalleled variety and choices.
Also, saving are made through price slashes and coupons.


These coupons and slashes are not always available though, so we bring to you some tricks you can use to get the best deals online.

1. Assume the role of a New Customer

Online marketers use the tactics of offering some sort of incentive to new customers, either a percentage discount or free shipping on their very first order.

To pose as a new customer, you should clear cookies from your browser every time you go on an online shopping spree.

This way, you appear as a new customer.
Alternatively, you could just choose to a separate browser specially and specifically for internet shopping.

If your favorite online store has an offer for new customers, create a new user account that is linked to a different email.

2. Load And Abandon Shopping Cart

Online shopping stores are always on the lookout for ways to secure a sale, therefore, they do all they can to rectify an issue of a loaded but neglected shopping cart.

When you add an item or items to your cart but subsequently neglecting to checkout.
You will be flagged up as being close to making a purchase.

Retailers would very likely try to deal with this and seal the deal by sending you a reminder (with discount code *winks*).

To get such reminders, you must of course be registered to the particular online shopping mall with your email.

3. Utilize Social Media

Social media is a very useful tool for being the first to know about any online slash deals (yakata etc) or special coupon codes. Bloggers are always in the know when it comes to such deals pertaining to their respective niche, fashion, books, tech etc

They, as well as other social media users are source of inside knowledge.
To make the best of online shopping, follow relevant blogs ( amongst others) and watch out for trends and hashtags of your favorite brands and online stores.

4. Install Online Store Apps

Stores like Konga, Kaymu, Jumia, Alixpress etc all have their own applications.
In addition to social media, these applications ensure that no online deal slips through your

Pop ups from these apps help highlight deals and offers in your search results and bring best deals right to you on the go.

With these applications you are not required to look around for good deals, instead these deals are brought to you.

With these easy tips, you are guaranteed to get the best out of online shopping #cheers

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