Tuesday, May 2, 2017

MTN Free SMS Cheat: Send Unlimited Texts!!!

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The free browsing cheat horizon seems to be quite dull for the time being, but there's a new kid in the block and thats the MTN FREE unlimited SMS cheat.

With this new cheat, you get to enjoy free, unlimited texts to your friends, families, bae, even debtors (lol).

This cheat is absolutely FREE with no hidden charges whatsoever! So, how do you get to send free, unlimited SMS?
Follow the steps below:

How to Send FREE Unlimited SMS On MTN

  • Insert your MTN SIM into your phone (if it is not already in it)
  • Proceed to your text messaging app
  • Create a new message
  • Now, to the cheat!
  • Precede your message recipient's number with this numerical prefix 38708 i.e if you are sending texts to 08030000000, you enter 3870808030000000 into the message recipient box.
  • Send the SMS
Message will be delivered to the recipient and you will receive a notification:

"Total cost of last SMS sent was 0.00, and new account balance is ..."
You can keep sending unlimited texts!!!

NB: This cheat only works for MTN to MTN texts

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  1. Meeehn I tried it and it worked! Superb! Nice one bro!


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