Sunday, May 7, 2017

HOT: Get 1 TERABYTE FREE Data On Airtel (Plus How to Make It Work)!!!

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Free browsing cheats have been hard to come by lately, so it is great news for Airtel subscribers that a new free browsing cheat is here that they can enjoy.


With this free browsing cheat, you get over 100GB FREE internet data on your Airtel SIM and can use it to power all apps on your smartphone with the use of a VPN app,
So, let's get into it, shall we?

How to Get 100GB FREE Data On Airtel

As at time of publishing, I had accumulated 44GB and still getting more!


  • Insert your Airtel SIM into your smartphone (if it is not already in)
  • Migrate to Airtel SmartTrybe
  • To migrate, dial simple ussd code *317#
  • After successful migration to Airtel SmartTrybe, dial ussd code *688*1# repeatedly
  • You get 1GB FREE data each time you dial the code
  • Dial ussd code *140#

So, if you dial the code 100 times, you get 100GB, if you dial 200 times, you get 200GB, you dial a thousand times and you reach the 1TB mark!!!

Cool, right?!

Now this data only works on Social media platforms, but you can get it powering all apps on your smartphone through the use of a VPN app.

How to Make Use of Your FREE Airtel Data

There are 2 methods to do this, one via Opera and the other vial Psiphon VPN (I use the Opera method). I will be showing you both methods

Opera Method

With this method, you get to download ANY file using your accumulated Airtel data, follow the simple steps below:
  • Download this particular Opera browser (download HERE)
  • Proceed to the file you want to download
  • Copy the file's source download link
  • Visit
  • Scroll down to paste the source download link in the box found
  • Hit the "GO" button
  • Your file download starts.

Psiphon Method

We are going to be using the Psiphon VPN app, so lets get into the settings.
  • Download Psiphon handler app (download HERE)
  • Install and launch the app and set as follows
Name: Techgasm247Apn: type: default,suplProxy: Port:Username: internetPassword: internet
Tick "Remove port"Proxy Type: Real HostProxy server: nokia-s40-11-cust.opera-mini.netReal Proxy Type: HTTPReal proxy port: 80 or 8080.
  • Now, go to Psiphon homepage and select a region (I use United States)
  • Then, click on "More options"
  • Uncheck "Connect through HTTP proxy"
  • Hit the connect button.
Psiphon will connect within 60 seconds and you can now use your data to power all apps on your smartphone.

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  1. opera method could not download
    psiphon not connecting

  2. How to check Airtel Bonus Balance
    Checking all your data balance is now easy on the airtel network, Simply dial *140# and you’ll get a message containing all your available airtel data balance.
    Airtel Free 500MB and 1GB Data codes


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