Thursday, May 11, 2017

Airtel Double Data Promo Codes: Get 3GB for N1000, 6GB for N1500, 7GB for N2,000 & 18GB for N4000!!!

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Here is another awesome news from the Airtel stables! Having days ago blocked the epic cheat which saw individuals accumulating over 2 Terabytes of FREE Airtel Social internet data, I wil be showing you an Airtel "Official" juicy data bundle.

However, there is a slight issue with these new juicy data bundle as it deals with eligibility i.e if you are not eligible, you cannot enjoy the Airtel "double data" offer.

What Does Airtel "Double Data" Promo Brings to the Table?.

Wel, simply put and as the name implies, users on the Airtel network - if eligible - get to enjoy double data for every data bundle purchased i.e You get:

  • 3GB for N1,000
  • 6GB for N1,500
  • 7GB for N2,000
  • 18GB for N4,000
Whenever you make a purchase of any of the available Airtel data bundles.

How to Confirm Eligibility to Airtel Double Data Offering

There are 2 ways of confirming eligibility to the Airtel Double Data promo

1. By recieving the official Airtel offer via text as shown in the image below

Or if you get the alternative text below:

"FREE 3GB Data for you today! Pay N1500 to get 6GB valid for 30 days. Dial *440*161# NOW to activate. Offer available EVERYDAY for 6 months"

2. By dialing the subscription code on an empty balance, if you get an "Insufficient balance" prompt, then you are eligible, otherwise you will get a "You are not eligible for this offer" prompt, showing your ineligibility.

How to Subscribe for Airtel Double Data Bundles

Below are the subsccription codes for all Airtel double data bundles:

  • 3GB for N1,000 (dial *496#)
  • 6GB for N1,500 (dial *440*161#)
  • 7GB for N2,000 (dial *437#)
  • 18GB for N4,000 (dial *438*1#)
All of the above data bundles has a 30 day validity and the Airtel Double Data promo goes on for 6 months, quite similar to the MTN Double Data promo.

Hope you have found this info helpful, remember to share wth frendds via the share buttons.


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