Friday, April 14, 2017

How to Quit N-Power Program

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The Nigerian Government not quite long ago came up with a scheme to help reduce unemployment in the country i.e the N-Power Program.

The scheme (N-Power Volunteer Corps) is a paid volunteering program that would engage and train 500,000 young unemployed graduates for a 2 year duration with participants expected to provide teaching, instructional, and advisory solutions in 4 key areas which include:
However, over time some participants has realized that while the N-Power scheme was made with great intentions for the unemployed, it could turn into a poisoned chalice as getting enrolled into and engaged with the N-Power scheme makes you ineligible for other, much more lucrative government employment portfolios for the 2 year duration of your N-Power scheme engagement. Others get posted to locations where they are uncomfortable with, as well as other reasons.

How to Quit N-Power Program

Now the question remains, how to I quit N-Power having already been engaged?

If for any of the reasons highlighted above (or any other), you feel the need to quit N-Power Scheme, simply follow the steps below:

  • Write a formal resignation letter to N-Power through your state's focal person
  • The state focal person would subsequently scan your letter and forward it to
  • After which, your resignation letter will be acknowledged and you will be discontinued from the N-Power program.

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