Saturday, April 15, 2017

Fiverr: How To Make Your First Online $100 In a Week!!!

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When it comes to making steady stream of income online, freelancing platform Fiverr remains the biggest platforms for earning cool cash.

On Fiverr, you can sell your services and expertise on ANYTHING for a fee ranging from $5 up to over $500. You can sell services such as article writing, proofreading, graphics design, singing, SEO services, webmaster services, Android app development, and even ridiculous services such as praying...YES! you can get paid to pray for somebody!!!


All you have to do is simply identify what you can do for $5, sign up on Fiverr, offer your services and start earning cool cash.

Fiverr is not limited to service sales alone, of course you can employ the services of experts in any area of your requirements for as low as $5!!!

You can start by signing up to the Fiverr platform via the link below:


After signing up, you need to create you GIGs.

A gig is the services you would be rendering, so lets get into how you can create a gig

  • Move your mouse to where your username is, a dropdown menu will be displayed, click "Start selling"
  • On the next page, click "create a gig"
  • Enter your gig title in the provided space (i.e. this is a brief description of your offered service)
  • Choose a category and sub category  for your gig
  • Upload one or more images that explains or relates to your offered services (use a unique image i.e you should edit google images to make them unique to your offered services).
  • In the description space, provide a description for your gig (you can search for related service providers on fiverr and rephrase their description, NEVER copy and paste another seller's description).
  • Enter tags for your offered gig (make sure it is related to your offered service as this would make your gig easier to find by potential clients)
  • Having done this, click "Save and continue".
  • On the subsequent page, you will be required to set pricing and gig extras, do this (if applicable) and click the "Save and continue button"
  • On the next page, you can upload a descriptive video of your offered gig if you have one, otherwise just skip it
  • Fill the requirements on the next page and click the "Save and continue" button again
  • Your gig is now live and you can share them via the social media buttons provided
NB: You can create up to 5 gigs as a beginner

You can start receiving orders from clients.

As a newbie, you might not instantly get orders from clients and this low sales can discourage you but this is a few hacks I employed to earn $267 my very first 3 weeks of my Fiverr hustle

  • Offer irresistable gigs i.e As an article writer, I at first offered to write 700 words for $5, now thats a lot for $5, over time I increased my billing fee, So the advice is start low till you have built a clientele and rank then you can change your billing fee
  • Employ the use of the "Buyers request" page, this page is where clients look for sellers to handle jobs for them, you can scout this page for potential clients and apply for any gig you feel you can handle.
NB: I have noticed that the "Buyers request" page has a peak period of Tuesdays - Thursdays at around 8;30AM - 11:30AM (it might be different with you), simple do your research.

Implementing these tricks and technique would definitely see you make your first $100 within 2 weeks (of course you have to put in work).

This is the beginning of you making cool cash online, I am currently a level 1 seller and I have clients who pay me $40 per blog post on his website, you can get there too...and beyond! 

Simply take the first step towards financial freedom, sign up today!

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