Monday, November 14, 2016

Jumia Black Friday 2016 12 Day Promo Sales!!! See Sales Schedule

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Jumia Black Friday began today, Monday 14th and the yearly price slash promo sales event is set to run for 12 days (14th - 25th)!

I am sure y'all already have items you have been eyeing specifically for this period because of the price slash, I know I have (got my eyes set on some tech gadgets)!!!

Below is a detailed rundown on how Jumia Black Friday sales has been planned by the Africa's largest online
shopping mall.


  • DAY 1 (November 14th): Upgrade you house with Binatone, Polystar. Up to 25% Discount on Gas cookers, Electric cookers, Micro Wave ovens, Rice Cookers e.t.c
  • DAY 2 (November 15th): Kitchen Essentials Up to 45% Discount on kitchen Utensils.
  • DAY 3 (November 16th:) Father and Son With Casio and Hush. Up to 50% Discount on Smart Watches, Shoes, Shirts e.t.c (for men and the boys)
  • DAY 4 (November 17th): Mother and Daughter with Casio and Canill. Up to 50% Discount on Female wrist watches, Hills gowns e.t.c (for mums, ladies, and girls)
  • DAY 5 (November 18th): Toddler's Treat. With Pampers and Kimberly Clark. Up to 55% Discount on babies.
  • DAY 6 (November 19th): Explore New Horizons. Up to 30% Discount on JUMIA Travels and Nikon. 
  • DAY 7 (November 20th): Enhance Your Phone with MTN and Mansard. No Discount
  • DAY 8 (November 21th): Entertain Yourself with Sony. Up to 30% Discount on Games, radio sets and Television sets e.t.c
  • DAY 9 (November 22nd): Upgrade Your Phone with Tecno, Infinix, Innjoo. Up to 20% Discount on Phones, Tablets, Chargers e.t.c
  • DAY 10 (November 23rd): Upgrade Your PC with HP, Intel, Acer. Up to 20% Discount on Laptops, Desktops e.t.c
  • DAY 11 (November 24th): Treat Yourself with Zaron. Up to 30% Discount on Lipsticks, Eye shadows, Lip pencils e.t.c (for ladies)
  • DAY 12 (November 25th): Sales event for the last day of Jumia Black Friday is currently being kept under wraps, fingers remain crossed on that

From the sales schedule detailed above, it is clear that us techies would be more active on the 8th day down to the 10th day of Jumia Black Friday, maybe on the last day too (depending on what Jumia is keeping under wraps).

The 8th day (November 21st) is a day for gamers, while the 9th day (November 22nd) is for people looking to upgrade their smartphone devices at a discount.

This is the time to get that 4G enabled smartphone if you do not already have one!

Checkout the list of Tecno 4G enabled smartphones

Lets get the party started! Let the ordering begin!!


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