Sunday, September 4, 2016

ALERT: "Dresscode" Malware Discovered On Google Playstore

The Tech Citadel
Barely weeks after the discovery of the "Godless" malware on Google playstore, another Malware has been uncovered.
While Google playstore still remain the most secure app store, some malware still find means to moonwalk their way into the platform.

Dresscode (the new malware) has before it's discovery infected more than 40 apps on Google playstore over 400 apps on other unofficial app stores. 


The "Dresscode" malware does it's damage by creating botnets. 
These botnets when on the infected devices are used to route traffi. 
According to CheckPoint, the hackers who created dresscode used the malware to generate false ad clicks and traffic - essentially collecting ad revenue. 

Botnets however can launch a lot more serious attacks e.g botnets can be used to infiltrate and gain access to company private or individuals' servers and files.

To secure your Android smartphone from the dresscode malware (or any other malware for that matter), always keep your Android smartphone updated with the latest security patch and be careful of apps and apps permissions whenever you want to download.


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