Thursday, August 18, 2016

MTN Unlimited Downloads Tweak Reloaded!!!

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Holla Nerddicts!
Here is another MTN tweak that is blazing presently!
With just N100 you get unlimited downloads and Internet data!!!

First, you have to check if you are eligible for this plan

- Check by dialing either of these ussd
subscription codes

> * 567 * 58 #
> * 567 * 59 #

- If you are eligible, you will receive an "insufficient balance" notification
- If you are you are not eligible you would get a "you are not eligible" notification 🔔

NB: The *567*58 # subscription code cost N100

While the *567*59# cost N150 with both being unlimited.

When you subscribe for the N100 plan, you would be credited with 100MB.
It is however not limited and you can enjoy unlimited downloads using this plan!
Tested and confirmed!

You will agree that this is a lot better than the BBLITE plan as it does not require any VPN app whatsoever, It works on all enabled devices and can be shared through WiFi.

So, go ahead and flex this!



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