Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Enjoy Unlimited Etisalat Bis Subscription On PC With PdaNet

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Hello Nerddicts, earlier I posted a tweak on making use of Etisalat Unlimited Bis Subscription On Android .
However, personally I have found it hard to fully enjoy downloading because I have limited storage on my android device.
So, here is a tweak I use to enjoy the tweak on my PC ( since I have significantly more storage on my PC) and generously I have to share with my wonderful friends and dedicated readers of my blog 👍

We will be making use of PdaNet app to tether your Etisalat Unlimited Bis Subscription to your PC, both the Android version and the PC version will be needed.
You can download both in the links below :

PdaNet for Android

PdaNet for PC

Now that you have downloaded the needed apps, let's get to work

> Activate Etisalat Unlimited bis plan on your Android, click HERE if you don't know how
> Switch on your data network
> Launch and run Psiphon on your android
> Open and run Pdanet on your android
> Run Pdanet on your PC too
> On Pdanet Android version, you need to select a connection method
> Select
USB connection

NB : To do this, USB debugging must be activated on your device, do this in settings - developer mode - tick usb debugging.

> On Pdanet PC version, select USB connection too
> Click connect on Pdanet PC version

You are good to go!
Now you can enjoy Unlimited downloading to the fullest!!

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