Thursday, March 31, 2016

Alternative Facebook App ForBlackberry 10 Users

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Recently, social media platform Facebook announced that it will discontinue support for blackberry devices, blackberry 10 devices inclusive .
This comes just weeks after Instant messaging platform WhatsApp also announced iys discontinuity of support for blackberry devices.
However, Blackberry 10 users can alternatively make use of another Facebook app which I will introduce to yall.

The Facebook Lite App
Facebook lite a lightweight version of Facebook, it consume relatively less data and less battery juice.
The Facebook lite app can do everything that can be done with the normal app
- Download Facebook Lite HERE

- Install Facebook Lite on your device

- Viola! Done! You are ready to Facebook!

The Facebook lite app is even arguably better than the normal app as it does not have lag issues.
So, BB 10 users can take off the glum look off their faces and get back to Facebook-ing


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