Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Volvo Announces Car Key App To Replace Traditional Key

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Swedish automobile manufacturer, Volvo has announced a worldwide's first new mobile phone app that is set to render the need for
a physical key redundant.

Making use of Bluetooth technology, the app allows car owners unlock and start the ignition of the car without a traditional physical key.
Volvo claims this breakthrough will make it easier car users as there is no need to take the phone out of their pockets or bags.
It also opens up new areas of development for car makers.
The New Car Director, Special Products at Volvo, Martin Rosenqvist acknowledged the fact that there are numerous permutations when it comes to how the shared key technology can be used,".
Rosenqvist also said Volvo is looking forward to seeing how else the technology might be used in the future, while also welcoming new and additional ideas to the technology and app by developers.
Owners can also share their cars with friends and family simply by sending virtual keys to them via the app.

The technology would definitely be of benefit to car rental companies, as they can just send virtual keys to customers directly to their phones.

The automobile company will begin a pilot program in Sweden later in 2016 before rolling out the technology to new car customers starting in 2017.

Offers for traditional key still remain available to customers based on preference.

This is definitely a technology to look out for, it is dope.

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